Hi there! I am AnniNaomi. I am a blogger and a writer. I write novels, other books, lyrics (sometimes with tones) and poetry. I used to blog with different blog names; DJ AnniBaby, Celsius300 and Stella Amira. I blog about my writing and other things that come to my mind. My English is not perfect, I am sorry about that. I am also an educated health coach through collage. My faith is Christian. I am half Swedish 🇸🇪 and half Finish 🇫🇮. I love Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Island, Great Britain, The whole Europe actually, America, Russia, Australia, Israel, Japan … and so on. I love The World. The continents. The North and the South pole. Your country too. I wish I could learn more languages, such as French and Russian. I can speak Swedish, English and a little German, Finnish and Spanish. I also love people. I believe there is something good in all of us. There is good. I pray for the children of the world. I pray for a world without war and terror. I also have in my heart to pray for those who are involved in organized crime in our society as well as the police, military, government and so on. Especially for our three major cities in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. I pray in the name of God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is in my heart. I’m not a perfect Christian though. I also love dogs, cats and horses. Snakes and spiders are my friends too. I am “a leopard at day and a panther at night”. I have a interest in sports. I am a fan of Hammarby, Swedish soccer 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬. I am born “Söderböna”, Huddinge hospital – lived my first year in Vårby gård. I also have Liverpool in my heart. In hockey: Hammarby Hockey and San José Sharks. I am 45 years old.

I sincerely hope you will be a follower here on the blog / vlog ❤️.

AnniNaomi ✌️.

Photo by AnniNaomi (2021).