Life Coaching

I am an educated coach through college – Högskolan i Skövde 2009-2011. I also studied Public Health. Here I will publish some coaching advice ✌️.


Acute crisis response

It did not start with a crisis reaction but rather several bad news in a row. An incident in February finally caused the “drop to overflow” and I received this diagnosis. I dropped everything then and got on sick leave. I took the help I was offered and have started conversational support. It’s so nice to be able to talk to a professional who is an outsider. If you find someone where personal chemistry is correct, I think it can be very valuable. Time at home and the conversations have now made me start to feel strong again. The social support I have from family, relatives and friends has been invaluable. It is above all through that my healing came!

When the hardships of life strike ….

💖 Do not make demands on yourself. Take a moment at a time and “wait out the storm”. It always calms down in the end.
💖. Recovery. How do you recover best? Feel free to write your tip to me. For me, it was to allow myself to rest and sleep. Small walks. Fresh air and daylight. Trying to keep it nice at home also calmed me down. Some days I did absolutely nothing. Allow it to be so.
💖. Do not stand alone. Your loved ones better understand what you are going through if you share. You may notice that some people withdraw when you need them most. Do not grieve in this position and do not judge them too harshly. You may not know what they are going through right now.
💖 Now you need to put yourself and your healing in focus. Rest in the knowledge that new days are coming. They are unwritten sheets. When you have the strength, you will be able to fill them with the most beautiful you know.

AnniNaomi – LifeCoach
Trained coach through the University of Skövde 2009-11.